Sara Queen of Nothing (gramercy) wrote,

Tin Foil Aftermath

Tonight I was in a Tin Foil Flash Mob.

We made some people smile.

We made some people laugh with derision.

We made many people shake their heads and wonder.

We even inconvenienced a few by daring to dance in their way.

We gave the Pens fans something to mock.

We gave ammunition to the scores of people who call us "whiny Wings fans" (well, those who can't understand that a joke).

We gave interviews.

We gave out hats.

We gave out smiles, and enthusiasm in record amounts.

Our dance was uncoordinated and laughable.

Our boombox didn't bring quite the boom it needed.

After passing out a hundred or so hats, the ushers and security at Joe Louis Arena decided they could be used as weapons to the be thrown on the ice, and they began to confiscate them.

It didn't really matter. We grinned like idiots. We had a good time. We came together and pulled something ridiculous and goofy off, while supporting our team.

Then we all watched a hockey game, and the sadness and heartbreak set in. The reality of the team we love being down three games to none, in a best of seven series, set in. We left the Joe Louis Arena dejected. I wasn't at the gathering at Hockeytown Cafe, but I'm sure there was sadness, followed by consoling hugs.

Tonight, I was in a Tin Foil Flash Mob. A ridiculous, goofy, spur of the moment thing that had hardly a chance in hell of success.

Tonight, we hope that our Wings can pull off something even more miraculous than that.
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