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H2H2 Recap

This was a beast to write, and nowhere near complete enough. And I took NO pictures at all this year. Oops. But here’s my humble attempt at a recap.

My personal H2H2 celebration began at the Wings vs. Kings game Wednesday night. My darling husband and I took Jeri (@jeri_berri) downtown. Her ticket was with the group, but ours were in another section entirely. We told her to let us know where everyone else was, which she did, and we came over and joined the group at the first intermission. That was when I forced my husband to eat an entire pizza in like 5 minutes, because I just HAD to go see my friends. ^_^

We made it over, found everyone just fine. Got to give hugs to Petrella (@mpetrella) & TPLMom and meet Marlon (@marlonbrando_) for the first time everrrr, and then we found 2 seats with the group next to Brad (@bradonweb) and Stevie (@stevieroxelle) (first time meeting them, and now they feel like old friends, I swear). It was great. The MacRosties (@jennyquarx and @flapjackmczap) were in front of us and Serven (@mserven) and Norm (@thenorm41) close by, too. I also got to meet Courtney (@crperreau) and say hi to Andy (@fightnightatjoe) and Kristin.

So, um. Funny moment. Well, my husband decided to bust out NHL 94 for Sega on his phone and play Wings vs. Kings while the game was going on. As a result I talked to Brad, rather than him. And as a result of THAT, a rather drunk girl sat down next to my husband and started to hit on him. Badly, I guess. I sort of managed to point it out to pretty much everyone in our section, and most of us were giggling quietly about it. I suppose I feel a little bad… she ended up asking if hubby had a girlfriend, and he said, “No, I have a wife” and pointed to me. She was embarrassed, but she didn’t leave right away. We still don’t know where she came from! But it was seriously hilarious. Petrella offered to come hit on hubby to get random drunk girl out of there, but Hubs can only handle so much awkward at once. I think everyone was slightly disappointed that we didn’t get to see some fake romance. ^_~

I spent some of the 2nd intermission going over and visiting Alyssa (@niklaskronwall ironhide) and Josh (@_whoabot). Hiiiiii friiiiends. Alyss and I discussed slapping all the boys, and I told her she'd have to be the one to slap Kronner, because even if he deserved it, I couldn't do it.

We had to leave after the Wings/Kings game… couldn’t go out because we had to take Ms. Jeri home (she’s underage), but it was probably a good thing anyway, as both Michael and I had normal hours to keep on Thursday. That’s one thing about being local, you get to sleep in your own bed, but you still have your usual responsibilities.

Thursday was cool. Ended up downtown with Nick in the afternoon, and he and I got to meet some people (like Anne and JJ (@JJfromKansas), and ride the People Mover with Manda N (@nursenitz), Neuie (@saraneuie) and Norm. We also RAN INTO MARLON AND VICKY (@vikbash). I thought that was so cool. I never “run into” anyone downtown. Let alone “the worst Canadian ever” and a darlin’ gal from California. Nick absolutely loves everyone by the way. He said his favorite part of the day was “the train and your friends”. He had a cookie at Astoria too, so that means a lot. You’re better than cookies, and almost as good as a train ride. ^_^

Came home, had dinner and then headed out to the hotel with hubs around 9.
Got to meet Taylor (@papusicataylor) and talk to Manda (@mandaindeed) and meet her friend Michelle. They’re so fun. I drank some of Lo’s (@lolabythebay) beer, because we’re both incredible lightweights, spent time chatting with Jen about some mom stuff (we both have 4.5 year old boys and no other kids), and rehashed the awkward drunk girl encounter of the night before.

After the bar kinda started to shut down, we creeped the Euchre tournament (I hate Euchre, I only play if I absolutely have to, because I’m not competitive and always get stuck partnered with someone who desperately wants to win). We just floated around and chatted, too. I put my scarf on some of the boys, because it’s pretty and rainbow-y. Looked fabulous on Serven, I gotta say.

We left around midnight because we’d both been up before 7. It was a loooong day of a long weekend, let me tell you!

So, Friday I woke up around 8, took my kid to preschool, picked him up and realized he had come down with a cold. Nick and I took an afternoon nap, but only a short one, because there was too much FUCKYEAH to prepare for. Got Nick all packed up and ready for his overnight trip, dropped him and a carseat with my step mom and got picked up by Ms. Jeri. See, hubby has to work and he has a difficult time getting time off, so he had to stay at work until 4:30 (he could only get out a half hour early) and I didn’t want to miss any of the pre-party. I drove Jeri’s car downtown because I knew the way better and met Jason (@waffleboard) in the process.

The Hockeytown café pre-party was OVERWHELMING. Honestly. I am loud, chipper, social and good with groups and even I was like, “Wow!” There were so many people there. People I’d never met, people I sort of recognized and people I knew. It was madness. We picked up our adorable nametags courtesy of Cath (@baroque97) and found a table to make our home base. It was seriously madness in there. It was AWESOME though. I might’ve been extra babble-y. I get more outgoing when overwhelmed, not less. Oops.

There was lots of food (I had a burger with no meat again. Yum!) and I bought tons of raffle tickets for door prizes and won nothing. But that was fine. I also worked the door for an incredibly short period of time with Matt (@onthewings) and Megan.

When the check with the total of our donation to Children’s Hospital was revealed I was shocked. Seriously. It was amazing. Over $14,000. That’s insane, and awesome. It was so cool to see that number, and to see everyone’s generosity.

I’m a mom, and that’s the most important thing that I am, and ever will be. I have one healthy, happy child and so far, I have only had to face the expected challenges of motherhood. But I live in the Detroit area and I know mothers of children with disabilities, and children who have chronic conditions, and these families go to Children’s DMC. They have to face challenges everyday above and beyond what I face, and I find life tough enough sometimes. It brings tears to my eyes to think of people donating to help these kids whose faces they’ve never seen. Our donations are helping kids, real kids, who I know and whose families I know. If you haven’t read the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation website yet, get on over there and check it out. The stories about what your gift does are amazing.

But that’s enough of the sappy stuff. Back to the party stuff. ^_^ It was a blast. Hockeytown café is a cool atmosphere and really great for a private party. We had the whole top floor to ourselves with an awesome bouncer helping to keep random intoxicated wanderers out (I saw the man in action, he did a great job). I got to meet Maria (@Mariia19) and Murdoch (@skeletonframes) and Amanda (@loves_holmstrom).

My husband FINALLY showed up and I was irritated with him for showing up so late (sorry, I get like that) so he was like, “Why don’t you have a drink?” Well, why didn’t I? So I had one. A Sam Adams seasonal beer and whatever it was it was terrible. Nasty. So I drank it, kinda quickly. And things got a little spinny, and much happier after that. We rode the shuttle to the Joe, after standing in a looooong line where I kept my new out-of-state-best-friend Stevie warm in my coat. She was wearing her new Helm jersey, and it was really cute, I can totally understand her not wanting to wear a coat. I was wearing my oddly stained Lidstrom jersey and I opted for warmth. I also sat by Ms BizCassty on the shuttle. I’m pretty sure everyone calls her Cass but BizCassty just works so much better in my head. She’s so funny, and a mom too.

We got to the Joe and Stevie and I went on a frozen drink mission, arm-in-arm around the JLA concourse. We did not intend to drink said frozen drink, but we did, and it was tasty anyway. We also went to the secret ladies room (the location will NOT be revealed in a public forum, we knew about it thanks to Ms Sara Neuie). :D Stevie ended up like 4 rows directly behind us so were able to share daiquiri. Ha. The H2H2 crowd was gigantic! We spanned 4 rows of 3 sections, I think. That’s madness. We were loud and amusing. I sat next to (@CaptNorris5) again. He is hilarious. We were bitchy because honestly quite a bit of that game was pretty awful to watch.

At the 2nd intermission I grabbed Patty (@patriciaerin), Andy and a few others and we went down and met Claire (@hockeybear5). It was good to see her again! Yaaaay! I totally slipped on the stairs on my way down and fell on my butt. With a bunch of people I know behind me, sitting in a section with a million people I knew. Seriously. Whoops. I totally have a bruise from JLA stairs. I take some small (very small) comfort in knowing I’m only one of MANY intoxicated people who’ve slipped and fallen there.

Hmmm, what else about the game?? My eagle-eyed husband saw the no-goal live. I stood up to cheer and he was like, “No goal, Bertuzzi basically threw the puck in the net.” Oh. Great. I spread the word. The no goal was announced. People were mad. I saw Andy up and yelling at one point. We donned tin foil haberdashery. It was an amusing, if not frustrating moment of solidarity.

I think everyone was beginning to think Petrella was a curse (despite the fact that he was at the game Wednesday and we weren’t shut out then). And honestly, how fun is it to watch basically 3 periods of your team being shut out? FINALLY the Wings tied it up, in the final minute. And then they won it in OT. So awesome. I think most of us were expecting a loss, so the win was even sweeter. There was much cheering, screaming and high-fiving. ^_^

After the game we were waiting for the shuttle (annoying) and Cass was like, “Where is it? How far away? Can’t I just run there?” and I was kinda like, “I don’t know 15-20 minutes away?” and then I said I’d walk if we got a group of 9 so it would be like the Fellowship of the Ring. I caught Brad’s eye and sort of instinctively knew he’d be down so I was like, “We’re walking!” and he was like, “We’re walking? Okay.” So a bunch of us took up the “walking!” cheer and we headed out, and there was a HUGE group of us. Most of us had to pee, so we stopped in Cobo and peed and I insisted that everyone use the buddy system. Brad, Hubby and I sort of lead the way. Me, because I had already walked it once, and Brad and Mike because they had GPS on their phones giving directions. Once I saw how many people followed I was like, “Oh, I am NOT responsible for all these people!” and had a mini freak out session.

Anyway, we walked up Washington to Grand Circus Park and then up Park Avenue to the Town Pump. It was chilly, but otherwise pretty good. We moved at a good pace, used the buddy system and arrived at the same time as one of the last shuttles did. So, certainly some people beat us there who took the shuttle, but not everyone, AND we all got to pee first. Plus some out of towners got to walk around in the city and I think (or hope) that was cool for them.

The Town Pump, again, was overwhelming. It was very crowded, loud and insane. I had like 3 random strangers ask how I got my hair red. I’m just telling the next person who asks, “I go to the salon” because I am sick of explaining the procedure. I got to meet Kristle (@BabyBoss87) and talk to Kristin more, and they’re both WONDERFULLY sweet and nice.

I don’t even remember who all I met, and like I said I know I’m gonna be missing people. It was so insane. I felt like every time I turned around there was someone else there. I had a shot with Brad and Stevie and Vicky. I went over to the dance floor with Adrienne because the DJ told her she needed girls so he’d play her song (turned out to be the humpty dance, hahaha). I left my Mike talking to two other Mikes in a corner. Maybe 3 Mikes, you never know. We certainly did not have a Mike/Michael shortage is all I know.

I remember saying hi to some people randomly or a few times including @JeffHancock @sullyosis and @georgemalik, but I don’t remember a lot of specifics. Perhaps you caught me at my drink-i-est. :O

I was slightly intoxicated so when my husband was like, “We’re leaving” and I just kinda went with it. We ended up at the New Parthenon and what started with like 5 of us turned into 20 (I’m guessing) very quickly. We had Greek food (um, duh), I think I heard Petrella telling ghost stories and had Murdoch and JJ down by me telling terrible jokes. Funny, but terrible. It was so late. I don’t even. It was like…2 in the morning. LIKE 2 IN THE MORNING. I generally go to bed at 11 and wake up at 7. 2 is ridiculously late for me to be out.

We were exhausted so we went home and slept (oh so glad we had an overnight babysitter). I could sleep in a little so I did (almost until 10!) but my poor husband had only about 3 hours of sleep before he had to go to work. I had to shake him because he didn’t wake up with his alarm. Poor guy. He had about 15 hours of sleep in 3 days, if that. Anyway. At least he got to nap on Saturday after work.

Saturday was the day of the H2H2 Hockey Challenge. We didn’t really have a super serious plan going in. I had reserved the ice time and Brad had done most of the online organizing. I didn’t realize I was going to have Nick there with no babysitter, but it went okay. That was really the only tough part. At one point my mother-in-law showed up for 5 minutes and then left and Nick tried to follow her out, essentially getting away from us. That was scary and upsetting, but there was a lot going on so it wasn’t a serious day ruiner. Nick got a serious talking-to, but no trouble, since he’s never done anything like that before and promises never to do anything like that again.

So… lots of people came out to skate. I stole this pic from TPLMom’s facebook page so I cannot credit anyone with it.

We brought some extra sticks for people to use, but most people had their own and their own equipment.

I wore my dad’s pants and chest protector, figuring I was going to fall. I’m not exactly a smooth skater. I’d also never touched a puck on the ice with a stick before. Seriously. Never. I looked pretty funny with gigantic pants (suspenders!!) and a chest protector on under my DMac jersey.

Oh, it was so cool though. At first everyone was just skating around and taking shots or passing. And my munchkin got to “skate” for a minute with his daddy. Those of us without skills ended up on one end and we started to try to play some 4 on 4 hockey, but it was seriously major fail, even though Brad tried to get us all to understand what we were doing. Haha. We had a blast. Then it was like, “No, we’re all gonna play, and it’s gonna be darks vs. lights.” I don’t know who came up with that idea or who implemented it, but I wanna thank them, because it was so cool. :D

The only problem with Darks vs. Lights was that the teams ended up a little mismatched. As in, my side, the Light side, lost rather pathetically, with 1 goal to their 6. But that didn’t matter at all. It was a blast, honestly, I had so much fun. For the record, I was incredibly useless, I might’ve touched the puck a few times but I think I possessed it for a total of a half a second. Ha. But, you know, first time ever and all that. :D

The Discher boys were definitely MVPs for the Dark side. (Yup, the Dark side. Sith lords, etc) They combined for like 4 goals or something. Madness. And on our side, I honestly don’t know who scored. I did hear a rumor that JJ said the CSSI had Petrella and Ellen +1 and TPLMom +2. I got some credit because I was sick of my side getting scored on so I went and sort of half played goalie. I did make a save or two, earning a 3rd star selection by one Chris Hollis. Thanks Hollis. :D

Serven gave me a push at one point, which made me giggle hard. I was standing around more than Big Rig, I know, so I totally needed to be skated along. :D I also got into a tussle with Ellen, and unfortunately I got taken down hard. So much for trying to give my team a spark. Hahaha Another funny time was when Brad got checked by Casey (@MrNorrisTrophy) which made everyone laugh and cheer/jeer.

I had a really good time playing, and it makes me wish badly that I could skate backward even a little so I could learn to play for real. I just can’t believe I had the guts to try to play. Even in that SUPER safe environment, where everyone was friends, and no one wanted to hurt/maim or even seriously beat anyone else, I was still super scared. I was like, “I have no idea what I’m doing and I’m gonna make a complete ass out of myself.” But nothing bad happened and I had a blast. Definitely an awesome reminder that I should do things even when they’re scary.

Oh, and can I just mention? Everyone paid up nicely for ice time. Of course. I wasn’t surprised in the slightest. I knew there was no way we were getting stiffed. But it’s worth mentioning because I know that can be rare. So even more proof of our own awesomeness, I went right to the ATM and deposited all the cash I got and didn’t end up having to pay any more than our share (and actually even a little less than our share).

The madness was almost over. Hubby and I got dinner and dropped Nick off with my mother-in-law again (he had an awesome grand tour of grandparents’ houses this weekend and he had a blast), and went downtown for the last hurrah and to watch the Wings vs. the Blues.

I wasn’t gonna drink (maybe a little too much “fuckyeah” and too little “fuckno” for me this weekend), but they had the Hard Luck Candy Vodkas and I had to have people try them, since as far as I know those are local Detroit vodkas. In Swedish Fish and Root Beer flavors. So I got a martini with one of each and had people try them (lots of people. Cass, Stevie, Marlon, Natalie, Brad). And then Brad had me try a Chocolate Cake shot (which is both Yum! And WTF! All at once). So I was, perhaps again, a little drinky. But not as much as I thought I would be. Is that a tolerance I see building up? Probably not. Ha.

The Wings won again!! So awesome. And scored 5 goals in the process, which is nice. I doubt anyone was happy to see them let the Blues tie it in the third, but honestly we were all surrounded by friends and they got a W, so really I’m sure no one was disappointed. I talked to Natalie a lot, and also to Jenn (@jennemyofthesk8) and her SO, and I talked to Cass about mom-stuff which was excellent. Also she spoke nicely about the Sedins which was pretty much the first time I’d ever heard some say something nice about them aloud. :D

We had to say our goodbyes at the Detroit Pub after the win. And it was tough. I’m really gonna miss everyone who isn’t local. And it makes me wanna hang out with my local kids even more. I definitely reached my partying limit, but I wish I had had more time for just personal conversation with everyone. It was so neat putting names with faces, and I know I’m gonna be spending too much time on twitter trying again to recreate the camaraderie (that’s a hard word to spell!).

I am hearing rumblings of H2H3 already. I know for myself I need a week or two to recover from this one. But I promise to start looking forward to next years as soon as I fully recover from this year. ♥


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Mar. 15th, 2011 02:50 am (UTC)
this is fantastic. i'm totally in for this next year. and i won't have to worry about being under 21! :)
Mar. 16th, 2011 06:57 pm (UTC)
Great write-up!! I lucked into tickets to the game on Friday, but didn't get a chance to come & visit everyone. Well, that & the fact that I tend to lurk at all the blogs, but not comment much (if at all). *blush*

I am so proud of everyone involved & all the people that pledged money!!! What a great donation!!! Wings fans RAWK!!!!

Hopefully, I will be able to actually participate next year. Huh...guess I better start commenting then so people don't think I'm just some random weirdo!!!
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